Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) which develops projects in line with the export-focused goals of the Bursa business world, is starting a new exportation campaign in the textile sector. “Bursa Textile Show” Exhibition led by BTSO and aimed at the textile sector is opening its doors on Wednesday, 14th of November. Within the framework of Commercial Safari Project, approximately 350 business people from 40 different countries will be joining the exhibition which will last for 3 days.

BTSO; which brings together more than 6,000 people at over 160 overseas programs with its Global Fair Agency Project and which unites 18,000 buyers from around 100 countries with the companies of Bursa via its Commercial Safari Project; keeps strengthening the exportation move of the sectors. BTSO, which had 5 billion dollars of foreign trade surplus, conducted more than 14 billion dollars of exportation. Also BTSO, pioneering the business world with its model projects,  has made a new move which will increase the exportation in the textile sector.
“Bursa Textile Show” Exhibition will take place at Merinos AKKM (Atatürk Congress Culture Center) on 14th - 15th - 16th of November with the contribution of Uludag Textile Exporters’ Association. At the exhibition, a procurement committee program will be held within the framework of Textile and Apparel Fabrics Production Development Projects which is carried out by BTSO. At the procurement committee organization, nearly 90 company representatives will exhibit their products.
It is targeted that approximately 350 foreign company representatives from 40 countries will participate in the procurement committee program carried out by two different Production-Development Projects at the Bursa Textile Show. A big part of the foreign buyers from European countries, mainly from Russia and Ukraine will come to Bursa. Foreign business people from far countries such as Columbia, Peru, Brazil and Canada will also join the procurement committee.
BTSO’s President of the Board of Directors İbrahim Burkay, stated that as a chamber they give great importance to the Production Development projects targeted at the enlargement of sectors’ export-focused growth. Mentioning that 14 different Production Development Projects within BTSO were conducted, President Burkay underlined that 4 different procurement committee programs were held within the scope of Textile Production Development Project. Expressing that over 5,000 job interviews took place with the procurement committee, İbrahim Burkay said: “At the conducted procurement committees which were led by BTSO, our textile sector representatives achieved an important amount of exportation. Approximately 40% of the job interviews received a positive conclusion. As Bursa business world, we are preparing for a new organization which will set our sector in motion. I wholeheartedly believe that our procurement committee program which will contribute to the foreign trade volume of our sector will also dynamize our sector.”
Within the scope of the organization, the “Turkish Fashion Fabrics Show” event led by Uludag Textile Exporters’ Association will be held with the contribution of BTSO. At the event which will take place on Wednesday evening at Sheraton Hotel, designers from Bursa will have the chance to promote fabrics produced in Bursa.

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