Living things, movements and events are among the things that inspire an artist when creating her/his work. The expression of the emotion formed within the artist's observations creates the artist's work. This is how fashion trends actually emerge. The inspirations of fashion designers shed a light on the world of fashion. When we review the trends of the coming period, we see that nature inspires the fashion world. The pale sustainability that fashion has embraced for a long time appears as 'being in flow' and 'transformation' visually.
Imagine a fashion inspired by nature, it's called Biomimicry!
Biomimicry is a combination of the Greek words 'bios' meaning life and 'mimesis' meaning imitation. We see another reflection of the sustainability title, which emphasizes the correct use of the decreasing resources of nature, with biomimicry in fashion. Emulating nature and creating wonders in fashion is one of the highlights of this period.
Biomimicry Inspirations
This season, we will explore the flawless functioning of nature in fashion. The common points of the prominent designs are their fluid appearance, natural tones, and the presence of fractal patterns. If nature is the source of inspiration for fashion designers, can we say that their feelings are 'longing for nature'? Maybe this is the effect of our longing for nature, which most of us stay away from during the pandemic period, on fashion with biomimicry!
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