Bursa Textile Show will be organized for the 3rd time under the leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, from 22 to 24 October 2019 at Merinos Atatürk Congress Culture Center, Bursa. Approximately 5,000 business interviews took place at the last organization which 400 business professionals from 40 countries visited.

At the Bursa Textile Show will be organized for the 3rd time this year which develops projects targeted at the export-focused growth of the sectors under the leadership of BTSO and with the supports of the Ministry of Trade and Uludağ Textile Exporters Association, participators exhibit their 2020-2021 Autumn/Winter fashion fabric collections. Bursa which is the city of presenting quality, design and innovation oriented products to global market leaders, will bunch together the textile professionals that coming from many important cities of Turkey and Europe, with this organization at Merinos Atatürk Congress Culture Center. The latest trends of fabrics will be exhibited at the Bursa Textile Show which is inviting leaders of the sector with the motto of “Let’s Meet in Bursa”
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