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    KFA always reserves the right to make changes to prices, fairs organized and services offered. You agree in advance that you will not take any other action for the purpose of finding or obtaining the source code in the use of the website, otherwise, you will be liable for damages to be incurred by third parties and that legal and penal action will be taken against you. During your activities within the site, you agree that you will not produce or share content that is against public morals and manners, unlawful, violates the rights of third parties, misleading, offensive, obscene, pornographic, violates personal rights, violates copyrights, encourages illegal activities, in any part of the site or in your communications. Otherwise, you shall be fully responsible for any damages incurred. In this case, the authorities of the ‘Site’ will be able to suspend or terminate such accounts and use their right to initiate legal proceedings. Hence, KFA reserves the right to share information requests from jurisdictions regarding activity or user accounts. The relations of the members of the site with each other or with third parties are their own responsibility.  
    The visitor/user of this Site is responsible for the authenticity of all the information they have presented to the Site and the risks that may arise from the use of the site. In the event that the information is inaccurate or incorrect and the situation is identified by KFA, the User may be banned from accessing the Website. KFA’s failure to exercise or delay in exercising any right granted under this Agreement shall not mean a waiver from this right.
    KFA reserves the right to remove or delete the content introduced on the Site without any notice and has no responsibility if these parts cannot be accessed. KFA has the right to deny some or all of the users from accessing the Site. Accounts are for personal use, and the username, password, or any information given to you within the scope of security measures is confidential information.
    KFA is not responsible for any damages that may arise as a result of acting in accordance with the information on this Site. In addition, KFA is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, lost profits, and/or data loss resulting from your use or reliance on any content on this Site.
  3. Reliance on Published Information
    The information on the Website is purely general information and the accuracy of this information is not guaranteed. All responsibility arising from trusting the information obtained from the Internet Site belongs to you. KFA has no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by third parties.
  4. Personal Data
    Please read our KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law) forms to be informed about the processing, recording, and protection of the personal information you submit to the website.
  5. Non-personal Information
    Non-personal information is the information that belongs to you personally and that we cannot identify. For example; usage hours, the location where the Site is used, pages viewed, etc. KFA has the right to use this information for any purposes and may collect, share, transfer and disclose it to third parties without the need for consent.
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    Cookies are small text files that store your settings on your computer when you visit the Website. Cookies are used to provide you with the highest quality of service in processes such as remembering which products are in your shopping cart, recognizing you when you re-visit the website or mobile application, and publishing advertisements and notices that may be of interest to you. Cookies increase the functionality of a site and help us analyze the use of the site more accurately. These do not contain any personal or private information. They do not harm your computer. You can also examine or remove cookies as you wish. KFA may use cookies to maintain the relevant settings after logging in to the Site. You can always change your browser settings so that it gives a warning when such a file is sent. KFA may provide links to other sites within the application or website.
  7. Security of Payment
    The financial information collected is used to invoice you for the products you have purchased. You accept that your financial information is given to the third parties (banks, credit card companies, etc.) necessary to carry out your transaction when you make an online payment purchase on the website or mobile application. The information to be shared includes all necessary financial information including credit card number, expiration date, and CVC2.
    In the transactions you will make in a secure environment, your information cannot be accessed by any person, institution, or organization other than you and the bank that allocated the credit card to you. The transaction page of the credit card transmits the card information directly to the bank's POS system and notifies the member of the transaction result. Credit card information is not transmitted by e-mail or similar methods and it is never stored by KFA. It is not possible to access your credit card information, transmitted as a result of the online transaction, even by us.
  8. Links to Other Websites
    Links to other websites belonging to third parties may be provided on this website. KFA is not liable for the linked websites' content and is under no obligation to examine it for accuracy, quality, or currency. KFA does not assume any bodily liabilities, including any legal, criminal, or injury that may result from the inaccuracy of the information in the aforementioned information or the content of the website, or the incomplete and misleading content, and in any case, the content that violates the rights of third parties. Visitors/users shall access these sites at their own risk.
  9. Intellectual Property Rights
    This website and all the pages of this website, this internet application software, and all visual artifacts, designs, interfaces, user controls, processes, programs, and software components and all rights therein are exclusively owned by KFA, its licensors, or other providers.
    Intellectual Property Rights include, but are not limited to, all designs, drawings, products subject to an order, and all intellectual products that are registered or unregistered.
    Unless expressly stated otherwise, nothing in the content of the Website constitutes any license, right or implied transfer of any license or right under any patent, trademark, copyright or any other proprietary right of KFA or any third party, or any authorization or license accordingly. The use of the elements subject to this right without the permission of the intellectual property right owner, which is stated above and not limited to these statements, is a violation of rights, and the violation of such intellectual property rights is subject to both civil and criminal sanctions. KFA may use any legal or criminal actions to defend the intellectual property rights contained in the Website and its content.
  10. Compensation for Damages
    You agree that you will keep KFA, its affiliates, licensors, and their employees, directors, agents, suppliers, and successors free from any claims, liabilities, damages, decisions, judgments, losses, expenses, or fees and indemnify the damages arising from the violation of these provisions or the unlawful use of the Website by you.
  11. Contact Information
    Please use the e-mail address for your questions.
  12. Applicable Law and Resolution of Disputes
    Turkish Law shall be applied to this Agreement without causing any conflict, and in cases where it is not possible to resolve the dispute as a result of mutual negotiations, the dispute will be resolved before the Bursa Courts and Enforcement Offices.
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